I have been retired for more than 15 years but I still get e-mails about C-I-SAID and the A.A.P.PQ.


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A.A.P.P.Q - Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Pereception Questionairre.

A.A.P.P.Q. and associated questionairres seem to be still in use. They are also circulating widely in the public domain. I do have a digital copy of the original questionairre but the layout dates from 1977. You can find the items in the Key Concepts paper described below. If you want the section measuring clinical knowledge you must download the original version.

Download AAPPQ.Zip

 I also have hard copies of the original articles. These are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as libraries are disposing of old journals and the journal publishers want extorionate sums to view articles which are over 30 years old, even from the authors!


The Key References to the AAPPQ are

Cartwright, A. (1981) Are Different Therapeutic Perspectives Important in the Treatment of Alcoholism, British Journal of Addiction 76, pp. 347-361. This was the original paper.

Cartwright, A. & Gorman, D. (1993) Processes Involved In Changing The Attitudes Of Clinicians Toward Working With Drinking Clients, Psychotherapy Research, 3(2), pp. 95-104.  This paper question the validity of the shortend versions.

Implications of using the composite and short versions of the AAPPQ. D.M. Gorman and AKJ Carwright. British Journal of Addiction (1991) 86 327-334

You can view the reprints of these articles by downloading AAPPQ Key Papers.pdf

Download AAPPQ Key Papers.pdf


Cartwright, A. (1979) The Effect of Role Insecurity on the Therapeutic Commitment of Alcoholism Counsellors . Ph.D. Thesis. Institute of Psychiatry, London. Only chapter 6 which describes the development of the AAPPQ will be available. The general theory which led to the development of the A.A.P.P.Q was described in Shaw, S., Cartwright, A., Spratley, T. & Harwin, J. (1978) Responding to Drinking Problems (London, Croom Helm). Increasingly, I am told, authours are referencing Responding to Drinking Problems as the reference for the A.A.P.P.Q - THERE IS NO REFERENCE TO THE A.A.P.P.Q IN THIS BOOK.

The following paper is also available.  Click on the link to download.

Download Key Concepts in the Training of Alcohol Psychotherapists.pdf

This is an unpublished book chapter which reviews the work on the relationship between role security and therapeutic commitment.  The AAPPQ was originally developed to test these theories. The chapter was written at the time of my retirement from clinical and teaching practice.  The others will eventually be posted.  The appendix to this paper contains copies of the individual AAPPQ, and two other questionairres developed more recently.

Alan Cartwright PhD., LRPS.